Valter D. Longo

Professor, Gerontology/Alzheimer's Research/Cancer Research, Biological Sciences

Research Topics

  • Aging
  • Cellular Neurobiology
  • Microbial/Invertebrate Genetics
  • Cancer

Research Images

Research Overview

Dr. Longo is the Director of the Longevity Institute, a Professor of Gerontology and Biological Sciences and the Edna Jones Chair of Biogerontology. He is interested in understanding the mechanisms of aging in organisms ranging from yeast to humans. The focus is on the conserved nutrient signaling pathways that can be modulated to protect against age-dependent oxidative damage and delay or prevent diseases of aging including cancer, diabetes and neurodegenerative diseases. The neurobiology component of the laboratory focuses on genetic and dietary interventions to protect glial cells and neurons against oxidative stress and Alzheimer's disease. The cancer projects in the laboratory are focused on: a) dietary and genetic interventions for the differential protection and sensitization of normal and cancer cells with focus on stem cells and a variety of tumors. Several projects in the laboratory are "translational" and have both very basic and clinical components. For example, the laboratory is actively involved in several clinical trials to test the use of extreme diets to enhance cancer treatment.