Timothy J. Triche


Pathology, Cancer Biology, Pediatrics
The Saban Research Institute
Childrens Hospital Los Angeles

Research Topics

  • Cancer Cell Biology
  • Cancer Genetics
  • Cell Cycle
  • Growth & Proliferation
  • Vision Research

Research Overview

My research focuses on genetic aspects of cancer biology and their biologic consequences. Current research emphasizes whole genome approaches to gene expression profiling and genomic polymorphisms using DNA microarrays and software developed by our group to analyze this data. Laboratory studies typically utilize tumor cell lines expressing transfected genes, or with silenced genes. Gene targets and biologically active small molecules are often analyzed in biologic context by these same methods. Clinical correlative studies utilize tumor tissue with linked clinical data. Recently, these methods have been applied to studies of age related macular degeneration, as part of the Beckman Macular Research Center at the Doheny Eye Institute, Keck School of Medicine.