Departmental Contacts

Department / Programs Courses Course Administrator Phone Number Email Address
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology (BIOC) All BIOC courses, INTD courses:531/549/561/571 Janet Stoeckert Clearance form required
Biological Sciences (BISC) All BISC courses Dawn Burke (213) 740-5775 Clearance form required
Cell and Neurobiology See BIOC Clearance form required
Mathematics (MATH) All MATH courses Amy Yung (213) 740-8168
Molecular Microbiology & Immunology (MMI) All MICB courses, INTD 522 Silvina Campos (323) 442-1713
Molecular Pharmacology and Toxicology (MPTX) All MPTX courses Wade Thompson Harper (323) 442-1474
Neuroscience (NEUR) All NEUR courses Vanessa Clark (213) 740-6090
Pathology (PATH) All PATH courses, INTD 550/ 650 Lisa Doumak (323) 442-1168
Physiology & Biophysics (PHBI) See BIOC Clearance form required
Preventive Medicine (PM) All PM courses Mary Trujillo (323) 442-2633
Integrative Biology of Disease (SBD) INTD 572/573 Joyce P. Perez (323) 442-1475