Gangning Liang

PIBBS Mentor

Professor of Research
Department of Urology
USC Norris Comprehensive Caner Center

Research Topics

  • Cancer Epigenetics

Research Overview

My research interests mainly focus on pre-clinic or translational study include investigating epigenomic structures across tissue types and disease states, epigenomic alterations during tumorigenesis, and epigenetic alterations induced by drug treatment in cancer therapies, which could lead to find the tumor markers for diagnosis and prognosis, identify epigenetic driver genes and therapeutic targets. Serving as Principal Investigator (PI), co-PI, and co-Investigator on several NIH-funded grants, my research has laid the groundwork for novel research projects, including characterizing the roles of DNA methyltransferases (DNMTs) and microRNAs during tumorigenesis, as well as developing novel methods of characterizing epigenetic changes and monitoring these changes in patients. In this regard, I currently lead the USC Department of Urology’s efforts for developing translational studies of bladder, kidney, and prostate cancers. Moreover, I have developed novel PCR-based technologies for the detection of cancer-derived DNA in bodily fluids, and have experience in the development and implementation of DNA-based biomarkers for diagnostic purposes.