Why USC?


Top 10 Reasons to Join PIBBS @ USC

  • Cutting-edge research opportunities on a wide range of topics
  • Top-notch research faculty with exciting projects
  • Highly interdisciplinary and collaborative environment, preparing you for the way modern research is carried out
  • No need to limit yourself to one department:                               PIBBS is interdepartmental!
  • Strong mentoring by PIBBS director to ensure each student’s success
  • Wonderful PIBBS staff to provide administrative support and guidance in student matters
  • The modest size of the PIBBS program provides a nurturing and supportive environment
  • Full funding throughout your PhD studies, including stipend, health and dental benefits
  • Ample course options provide flexibility to accommodate a variety of research interests
  • USC is a well-funded private university exhibiting strong growth despite difficult economic times