Recruitment Process

Applicants Living in the USA

If your application is being considered for acceptance by the PIBBS Admissions Committee you will receive an email no later than the 1st week of March and will be given the opportunity to visit during one of our three recruitment sessions (Dates to be determined)*.

During these visits, prospective students will have ample opportunities to learn about the PIBBS Program and explore the Los Angeles area. These visits will include:

  • interviews with faculty
  • a chance to see the Health Sciences campus as well as selected research laboratories
  • personal interactions with current students and faculty, and participation in engaging social activities.

Prospective students typically arrive on Wednesday and have a chance to relax before the recruitment activities begin on Thursday morning.

On Thursday, they meet for a Program Introduction, Health Sciences campus tour, lunch with current students, individual interviews with faculty, followed by a meet and greet, and end the day with a relaxing dinner with faculty. On Friday, students begin by attend a student poster session. Then they are guests at a student seminar class and the ensuing lunch. A faculty interview is followed by tea with the PIBBS Chair of admissions, to answer any remaining questions. The day ends with billiards with current students in trendy Old Town Pasadena. Departure is on Saturday.

Dress code for Thursday is business attire, and dinner is business causal. On Friday business casual attire is recommended. Ladies: Flat shoes recommended.

*Under unusual circumstances additional interview sessions may be added.

International Applicants

The most highly qualified applicants living outside the United State may be invited to participate in a phone or Skype interview with a representative of our PIBBS Admissions Committee. The dates vary, and if your application is being considered for acceptance you will receive and email no later than the 1st week of March to request additional information and to schedule an interview date.