Jianming Xie

Research Topics

  • Chemical Biology
  • Synthetic Immunology
  • Protein Engineering
  • Cancer Immunotherapy
  • Vaccines

Research Overview

The Xie Lab develops and applies novel Chemical Biology and Protein Engineering tools for understanding and enhancing the function of the immune system to combat cancer, infection, and other diseases. Specifically, we are interested in further expanding the scope of a powerful technique that Dr. Xie previously helped pioneer for the site-specific incorporation of unnatural amino acids into recombinant proteins. And more importantly, we integrate this unique tool with other advanced technologies (such as fluorescence microscopy, nanotechnology, and cellular engineering) in order to interrogate the specificity and efficiency of antigen recognition by T cells and other immune cells. Additionally, we are interested in using unnatural amino acids to facilitate the design and synthesis of therapeutic proteins and protein-small molecule conjugates. The long-term goal of our research is to use the obtained knowledge to advance the development of next-generation cellular and protein immunotherapeutics against cancer, infection, and autoimmune diseases.