Anton Valouev


Assistant Professor of Bioinformatics
Preventive Medicine

Research Topics

*Transcriptional regulation, chromatin organization *Disease genetics and genomics *Computational method development, Bioinformatics

Research Overview

Broadly speaking, my research has two primary aspects: understanding the function of the genome and the development of analytical methods that explore how DNA sequence controls the genome function, such as packaging of chromatin or gene expression. These two aspects are tightly intertwined, and often uncovering new biology requires new computational methods. Significant part of my work is focused on understanding transcriptional regulation. Within this area I have developed methods for analysis of binding sites of transcription factors using ChIP-Seq (QuEST tool) and mapping nucleosome organization of human and worm chromatin. Using these novel computational methods, I am exploring how the primary DNA sequence influences positions of nucleosomes, how evolution contributes to this process, and how organization of nucleosomes is linked to epigenetic state and transcriptional activity of different regions of the genome.

There is also a strong translational focus, exploring genetics of human congenital birth defects. I am actively collaborating with geneticists at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles to sequence the genomes of families that have unknown mutations causing unusual birth defects.