Roberta Diaz Brinton


R. Pete Vanderveen Chair in Therapeutic Discovery and Development
Professor of Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Biomedical Engineering and Neurology
Norris Foundation Laboratory for Neuroscience Research
Director, USC STAR Science Education Program
Director Preclinical Translation & Regulatory Support, SC Clinical & Translational Science Institute

Research Topics

  • Cellular Neurobiology
  • Neurogenetics
  • Pharmacology
  • Learning & Memory
  • Aging

Research Images

Research Overview

Our research has two levels of expression, elucidation of fundamental cellular mechanisms of cognitive function and the application of those principles to the discovery and design of therapeutic molecules and devices for the treatment of disorders of the nervous system. Our research team is currently focused on design of an estrogen replacement therapy for the brain, neurogenesis from neural stem cells, design of molecules for the treatment of learning disability, DNA repair in neurons and regulation of the immune response in brain. For further details regarding our ongoing research projects, our research team and publications the reader is referred to the Brinton Laboratory web site at

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