Towhid Salam


Assistant Professor of Research

Environmental and Occupational Health
Keck School of Medicine

Research Topics

  • Environmental exposures, and genetic and epigenetic influences on asthma and related conditions

Research Overview

The primary research interest of my lab involves examining the influence of environmental exposures and susceptibilities on respiratory health and birth outcomes in children. There are four major disciplines where students can get training in their rotations, namely Epidemiology (particularly Environmental Health), Biostatistics, Genetic Epidemiology and Environmental epigenetics. My research is involved in understanding the determinants of asthma and related phenotypes in children with particular focus on gene-environment and gene-gene interactions. The team is particularly interested in investigating the adverse health outcomes from air pollution, pollen and traffic-related exposures in children. Recently, studying the influence of environmental exposures on epigenetic alterations (particularly, DNA methylation) and how genetic, epigenetic and environmental exposures jointly influence phenotypes has become another main focus of the lab. There are opportunities to work on molecular biology lab work, data management, statistical data analysis, literature review, scientific manuscript preparation in these topics within a team framework that comprises of a group of leading researchers in the field.