Christopher M. Powers


Associate Professor

Biokinesiology & Physical Therapy, Radiology & Orthopaedic Surgery
Keck School of Medicine
School of Dentistry
Ostrow School of Dentistry

Research Topics

  • Computational Biology
  • Physiology

Research Overview

The basic theme underlying my research program is that the identification and understanding of basic injury mechanisms will lead to the development of more effective and efficient clinical interventions and prevention strategies. To this end, investigations evaluate the kinematic, kinetic and muscular actions associated with human movement, the pathomechanics of orthopedic disabilities and issues related to rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system. Through the use of advanced imaging techniques, functional biomechanical measurements, and musculoskeletal modeling, my various research projects contribute to a better understanding of the causes of various orthopaedic conditions.

We are currently conducting several studies aimed at understanding the pathomechanics of knee joint injury. In particular, we are evaluating how abnormal lower extremity mechanics may contribute to altered joint forces and stresses. To test our hypotheses, we are utilizing patient specific musculoskeletal models, dynamic imaging, and finite element techniques. The long term goal of this research is to use biomechanical data to develop a classification system for persons with knee joint dysfunction and to conduct clinical trials to establish the efficacy and cost effectiveness of various interventions (surgical and non-surgical).