Michael I Goran



Preventive Medicine; Physiology & Biophysics; and Pediatrics
Keck School of Medicine

Research Topics

  • Obesity
  • Diabetes/Metabolic Diseases
  • Endocrinology/Metabolism
  • Disease Prevention
  • Epidemiology (Cancer, Cardiovascular, Diabetes)

Research Overview

Our research is focused on the relationship between body fat, especially visceral fat and liver fat, and increased disease risk in children and adolescents. Current studies include a natural history study of the development of type 2 diabetes in obese Hispanic adolescents, and a longitudinal cohort study of changes in insulin resistance across puberty in Caucasian and African American children. We are also conducting studies looking at the links between adipose tissue inflammation and metabolic risk using a mixture of in vivo and ex vivo studies mostly in humans but also in animal models.

Our research is currently funded by NICHD, NIDDK, and the American Diabetes Association