Faculty Directory

Faculty on the PIBBS faculty pages can be involved in PIBBS in one or more of the following ways:

  • as mentors of PIBBS students
  • as instructors of graduate level courses
  • as members of PhD thesis committees

A current list of PIBBS faculty accepting PIBBS rotation students is given to the students upon arrival, and updates are provided regularly to ensure that students are aware of new faculty who have joined USC or faculty who have obtained new grants. All faculty who are designated PIBBS Mentors are required to have funding to support the student, must show an active research program through a strong publication record, and are required to take a mentoring course.

Click here to search PIBBS  mentors by research area.

Mentoring workshop

Photo: Faculty pondering the best mentoring strategies at a mentoring workshop. (Picture: Emil Bogenmann)


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